Top 6 Baby Products: Best Sellers 2019

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Top 6 Baby Products_ Best Sellers 2019

The market for children’s products is gaining multibillion-dollar momentum in the world. It is developing so fast that today you can buy everything, even those products that you do not suspect. Earlier parents purchased a stroller, crib, clothes and toys, but today this list can be expanded to infinity. Children’s cars, toys, robots, children’s computers, and even a bracelet to track the location of the baby with a microphone for listening. Today we will tell you about the products that are most in demand in many online stores.

Top 6 baby products you can buy online

  1. Clothing and shoes. These two categories of baby products account for 40%. Clothes are bought in 22% of cases, shoes – 18%. Children’s clothes and shoes are two categories of products that quickly wear out for two reasons: the child’s growing up and active use. Between the ages of 1 and 4, parents have to buy clothes every six months since children grow very quickly. At this age, most mothers tend to buy children in the middle price category, which is quite logical since there is no sense in giving money for expensive goods that will be small in 6 months. Popular brands include Next, Kerri, Hello Kitty, CHICCO;
  2. Toys. The purchase of toys accounts for 25%. The largest share belongs to dolls (25%), followed by interactive toys (18%), designers (15%), transforming toys (13%) and others (29%). The abundance of children’s toys has no limit. Today you can buy products at various prices and for every taste. The leaders in the sale of educational toys are Lego designers. This is a legendary brand that produces the world’s best designers for children. Books with music and voluminous pictures are also popular among developing games. A child who is just learning to read will be fascinated by such a book. Boys like toys-robots, such as “transformers” and dinosaur robots;
  3. Baby care products and cosmetics. Diapers, wet and dry wipes, oils, creams and powders are bought very often. Diapers are item number 1. They are needed always, everywhere and in large quantities. Wet wipes are salvation for moms. These are practically the same wipes for the face, only more delicate. Children’s oils for skin tenderness are also bought very often;
  4. Baby carriages. Buying a stroller does not occur as often as buying toys or clothes, parents buy it only 1-2 times. Carriage transformers, which can be converted into a walking unit without much effort, are very popular (for example, Peg Perego). The most demanded walking models are Baby Care Seville (according to the version of Aport). A well-known manufacturer of baby strollers gave the model everything necessary for a comfortable walk;
  5. Children’s furniture. Most often parents buy chairs for feeding, children’s tables, high chairs, cribs, playpens. Popular brands: Chicco, JEDO, Peg-Perego and Bebecar. Modern production facilitates childcare as much as possible. Comfortable high chairs are becoming bestsellers in online stores. Children’s furniture comes with the image of cartoon and fairy-tale characters;
  6. Baby food. Food for children is very expensive. Mixes, mashed potatoes, some water and cereals cost a lot today. However, when there is no way out, you have to buy such products. Many young mothers are faced with the inability to feed their babies naturally, so the mixture and mashed potatoes come to the rescue. Popular manufacturers include Hipp, Humana and some local producers.

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