Which Shampoo is Best for Newborns?

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Which Shampoo is BEST for Newborns_

The baby’s hair should be washed regularly. Washing improves heat transfer and stimulates hair growth. Pediatricians recommend bathing the baby and washing the baby’s head every day before going to bed. In this case, the scalp is gently rinsed and lightly massaged with clean water. Special soap means should be applied one-two times a week. In this article, we will try to figure out which baby shampoo is the best and learn how to choose this hair care product.

How to Wash Your Baby’s Hair?

The baby’s hair should be washed with the use of special detergents once or twice a week. For daily use, you’d better use regular boiled water and herbal infusion of chamomile, or calendula. Natural compositions cleanse the skin, strengthen hairs and, if necessary, eliminate inflammation.

You can wash your baby’s head with shampoo or soap. You can use natural soap without fragrances and other chemical additives. In addition, you can use special hypoallergenic baby shampoo. The product should contain only natural ingredients and be suitable for the child’s age.

Many parents are interested in whether it is possible to wash a child’s head with an adult shampoo. It’s not recommended to do this, especially in the first years of life. The skin and hair of a child are different from an adult. Thus, the protective stratum corneum of an infant is much thinner; therefore, both useful and harmful substances pass through the skin most actively. The younger the child, the more he/she is exposed to the negative effects of the external environment.

The baby’s scalp contains less natural fat. Hair crumbs softer, lighter and thinner. Toddlers are more susceptible to allergic reactions. Therefore, children need special gentle care, and adult shampoo is not suitable for them. Adult cosmetics can be used from the age of 14. And now let’s consider how to choose a baby shampoo.

Types of Shampoos for Newborns

Today, manufacturers offer a large number of children’s cosmetics, including shampoos. They differ in composition and action. According to the content of the components, the following categories can be distinguished:

  • With chamomile extract or lavender – moisturize the scalp and eliminate dry crusts, relieve inflammation and soothe. Good use at bedtime;
  • With calendula extract – relieves inflammation and irritation, accelerates hair growth;
  • With sea buckthorn oil – heals wounds and irritated skin, hair becomes soft and docile;
  • With panthenol or vitamin B5 – strengthens the hair. It becomes shiny, thick and good;
  • With conditioner – suitable for thick hair, which is easy to comb after washing. Such shampoos prevent tangling.

In addition, there are special products for newborns, cosmetics for sensitive skin, and universal formulations for the body and hair. The latter are gels or foams that are suitable for a full bath and allow you to wash the child “from head to toe”. However, they are not always effective. To choose the best baby shampoo, we suggest considering the rating of popular products in this area.

Top 8 Shampoos for Newborns 2019

  • California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo And Body Wash
  • Aveeno Baby Wash & Shampoo
  • Johnson’s Baby Naturals Shampoo
  • Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Fragrance-Free Shampoo & Wash
  • Chicco – No Tears Gentle Shampoo
  • Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo
  • Aden + Anais – Hair + Body Wash
  • Mustela Foam Shampoo For Newborns

How to Choose Baby Shampoo?

  • Baby shampoo should contain only natural and safe ingredients. The composition should not include aggressive chemical components, preservatives and dyes, perfumes and fragrances;
  • The shampoo should not contain parabens. These are toxins, which gradually accumulate in the body, as a result, cause allergies and even lead to serious diseases;
  • Choose a sulfate-free compound (SLS and SLES). These are harmful substances that also accumulate in the body and adversely affect the health of the skin and hair, and can cause allergies and dandruff. Hair becomes thin and falls out more often;
  • The composition should be as safe and sparing as possible as the shampoo can get into the child’s mouth;
  • Choose special hypoallergenic products that do not pinch or irritate the eyes. Choose shampoos with special corresponding marks;
  • It is important that the shampoo is suitable for the child’s age. Be sure to check the composition, date of manufacture and shelf life before purchasing;
  • Choose products with a subacid pH level of 4.5-5.5;
  • Choose formulations containing vitamins and plant extracts: shampoos with calendula extract, chamomile, various fruits and sea buckthorn, lavender. Vitamins A, B, E also nourish the scalp, strengthen and improve the hair structure;
  • Buy products from reputable manufacturers. Check the quality certificate;
  • The product should foam well, but it should NOT make a lot of foam. Choose colorless or slightly colored formulations with a light floral or vegetable non-irritating scent;
  • The better the shampoo foam, the longer the composition will last. Choose convenient bottles with a batcher or a special valve. Check that the bottle does not slip out of hand.

Before using medicated shampoos, you should consult your baby’s doctor!